The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God Essay

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The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God Reflection “The Story About a Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God”, in my opinion is a story on the morality of humans and our desire to respect to the personal morals we use. The story is based around the lives of two men, a bus driver who has a dream of becoming God and a lazy man who thinks he has found the possibility of true love. The bus driver has developed a certain moral code where he will not stop for anyone who does not make it to the bus on time because he wants to preserve the time of the passengers on the bus. He came to believing that it is the best choice and he is okay with other people suffering. The lazy man has become so fixed in his daily routine that he is always late for all occasions. He meets a women at the restaurant that he works at, and falls in love with her at first sight. They set up a date to meet, which his mind was set to remember. However, he winds up late and rushes toward the bus stop. Here we see some similar moral standards of the bus driver versus the lazy man. The man, urgently rushing to get on the bus, runs and somehow hung to the door as it was about to move. Contrary to the bus drivers policy, he opens the door with rationalization that the man reminds him of himself and all of his hopes and dreams The part that is interesting and can be perceived different ways is that the bus driver was only willing to break his moral code in the case of the lazy man where he saw himself in him. His thought process was that he could live vicariously through the man, he irritates many other potential passengers for this one man and messes up his “code”. It is interesting to think about, while it also brings an added view of his ethics. I think it was somewhat selfish of what the bus driver did. There probably were more important people to let onto the bus that were disregarded

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