The Bronze Bow

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The title of my book is The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare. This book is a suspenseful adventure set in a time of political and religious confusion. THEME There are two themes to this story. The first is the struggle to achieve freedom from hate and violence that Daniel tries time after time to free himself from, his hatred of the Romans. However, his need for the security and safety of the mountain and his outlaw friends reduce his ability to move from under there power. The second theme of this story is the kindness and compassion of Jesus. He treats everyone, children, poor, sick, and rich alike. Jesus’ faith is strong enough that Daniel knows whoever seeks him out will be provided for. All they need is faith, no money is needed.. All they have to do is love one another and the kingdom of God’s will be theirs. SETTING The setting for this story is that it takes place along time ago and is told over a period of five years. It is set in the city of Galilee in biblical times during the Roman occupation of Israel. THE PLOT The Bronze Bow is a story set in Galilee in biblical times during the Roman occupation of Israel. Daniel was orphaned as a result of Roman oppression. His father, in an attempt to save his brother from imprisonment for failure to pay harsh Roman taxes, was caught and crucified. His mother died from grief. His younger sister, once sweet and open, is thereafter terrorized by fears and demons. Daniel and his sister are left in the fate of their poverty stricken grandmother, who apprentices Daniel to the local blacksmith. A harsh man, he beats Daniel and the other boys who serve him. Daniel finally runs away. On the edge of dying of exposure on the hills outside his hometown, Daniel is rescued by Rosh, the leader of a shabby band of zealots. This act of kindness earns Rosh Daniel’s undying loyalty. Daniel

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