The Book Thief

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‘To move forward one must experience change.’ Discuss the above statement with reference to your set text and ONE related text of your own choosing. Change is an inevitable part of life and one has no choice but to experience it as they mature and gain new experiences. Change can be positive or negative and depending upon the orientation of the change that one may be experiencing one may find that they move forward because of the change or they may have to accept the change before they can continue to grow. Positive or negative change is an essential part of life that affects everyone. Change can often be so sudden that one has no choice but to move forward and overcome the change. Both The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak and The Rabbits, by John Marsden and Shaun Tan display the positive and negative effects that change is able to inflict upon the world, people and experiences. Change can be extremely sudden and unexpected, making it difficult for one to move forward from the experience. One may not be able to move forward until this change is accepted and recognised. Markus Zusak successfully portrays this type of change in The Book Thief when Liesel, the protagonist, is forced to watch her brother die. She is not able to accept his death and so this event plagues her in her dreams. She is also blind to the reason why her brother has been forced to die. Only when she realises how much of a role Hitler has played in the loss of her family and in the major changes that her life has suffered does she begin to accept her reality: ‘Her starving mother, her missing father. Kommunisten. Her dead brother.’ The use of repetition with ‘her’ in this quote makes it very personal. The reader is shown how large Liesel’s burden is. All of the people that she has loved, that were ‘hers’ have been taken away from her, indirectly by Hitler. This abrupt and sudden change can be
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