The Benefit of Reading Essay

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The Benefit of Reading Reading was one of my preferred activities when I was a child. In high school, I started reading books about life to equip myself with knowledge about communication and social behavior. Nowadays, most people are flooded with a lot of modern technologies; reading hobby is being gradually buried by other interests but my feeling of reading and holding a book still has its own value in me. In “The Art of Reading”, Lin Yutang, a Chinese scholar says that reading makes people enjoy a rich spiritual life that those people who do not read books can’t obtain. The main point of this article is trying to say that you can't force someone to read, you have to let them fall in love with their own style of book or author. After reading Lin Yutang’s essay and according to my experiences, I agree with his opinion that reading can not only enrich and provide people’s knowledge but also help readers learn and improve their intelligence through the authors' experiences and judgment. Nevertheless, I disagree with his argument that when people try to read books with a purpose, they cannot improve their mind. I believe that whatever books you read with the aspiration to develop your knowledge, you can learn some lesson and increase your understanding. Firstly, I agree with Yutang’s point that reading not only enhances readers’ comprehension but also improves the perceptive ability and spiritual life that people who do not read books can’t have this privilege. “Reading or the enjoyment of books has always been regarded among the charms of a cultured life and is respected and envied by those who rarely give themselves that privilege.”(90). When I went to high school and needed more knowledge, I read many kinds of book in Vietnamese version from authors all over the world. I imitated ways that my favorite authors wrote their text. As a result, I wrote essays very

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