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Battle of Britain The Battle of Britain, written by Richard Overy is a book about the fascinating adventures on the air battle of Britain during World War 2. The battle was conducted by the German air force against the United Kingdom during the summer of 1940 which had lasted till the fall. Known for being a historian, Richard Overy is also a professor at King’s College in London Ontario. Overy considers the battle a stalemate rather than a genuine victory, legends were made, and the RAF’s hardnosed fighting was the key factor in defending a threatening Nazi invasion. Richard Overy now makes it appear that a Nazi invasion was never a real possibility. Another legend was that the RAF was badly outnumbered and outgunned. As Richard Overy specifies, the German and British air forces were fairly evenly matched, and the RAF sustained fewer losses than it delivered. Richard Overy outlines the accomplishments of the RAF and also acknowledges that the Battle of Britain was a true turning point during World War 2. The Battle of Britain was the first major battle to be entirely fought by air forces. The difficulties in determining the start and finish dates, was Britain running out of planes and pilots? Just how badly was Fighter Command outnumbered? Did Goering really make a dramatic…show more content…
It is a historically accurate novel which is the kind of books I enjoy most. I was a little hesitant on reading The Battle of Britain because I have not studied the air force excessively, however I learned very much about the air force furthermore The Battle of Britain. Richard Overy successfully delivered his message to the reader with real life scenarios to entertain the reader, historical accurate dates along with historical accurate information, by applying his knowledge with his writing skills Richard cleverly put together admirable sentences/paragraphs to educate the

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