The Atomic Bombings Were Not Justified

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Was the Atomic Bomb Justified? During the final stages of World War Two, in 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man, on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombings were carried out on the 6th and the 9th of August respectively. These atomic bombings were completely unjustified. The bombs affected the children of the future, who are not to be blamed for anything that took place in the war. They also violate the Just War Theory, and did not give the US any tactical advantage in the war- the bombings were simply experiments to show the world America’s military standing. Along with that, US should not have taken revenge for Pearl Harbor on such a large scale. Some people argue that the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justified as the Americans had the right to take revenge for the attack that occurred at Pearl Harbor. This isn’t true. Even if it was justified for the US to attack Japan to avenge those that were killed at Pearl The “revenge” that the US exacted was on a scale that was completely uncalled for. The number of victims of the atomic bombings was highly disproportionate to that of the Pearl Harbor bombings. The number of deaths and injuries sustained by the Navy, Army and USMC combined still remained a fraction of the victims of Fat Man and Little Boy. Furthermore, many of the lives claimed during the atomic bombings were those of civilians. Unlike the victims of the attack on Pearl Harbor, or the numerous casualties of other segments of the army, these people did not sign up to serve their country. The soldiers that were killed at Pearl Harbor or anywhere else during the war had signed up for the army with full knowledge of the risks they were taking. They knew there was a chance that they would be killed in action-but the victims of the atomic bombings didn’t. They were simply innocent bystanders
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