The Assimilation Practices of Immigrants in the United States

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English 91 Hybrid October 20, 2012 Essay 2 Draft 4 The Assimilation Practices of Immigrants in the United States In the essay written by Gregory Rodriguez, entitled “From Newcomers to New Americas: The Successful Integration of Immigrants into American Society”, he discussed the different techniques immigrants practice in order to assimilate to their new life in the United States. These practices help immigrants to be part of their new culture while not losing their own cultural identity. As an immigrant in the U.S., I can relate to three of the assimilation practices that Gregory Rodriguez mentioned in his essay, which were becoming a citizen, owing a house, English language acquisition, and friendship which it helps me assimilate into this country. One of the practices that plays a big part in the process of assimilation into United States is becoming a citizen. When an immigrant becomes a citizen, it changes the way he or she feels toward the United States. Rodriguez writes, “It is not surprising that studies show that naturalized citizens tend to have a positive outlook on the United States.” Being a citizen provides many privileges and two of them are, being able to run for public office and having the right to vote during an election. In a public office position an immigrant can help not only with immigrant’s issue but also possible with country’s issues. Voting is very important for immigrants because it help the cause of future immigrants, forcing politicians to hear the voice of immigrants. This privilege is an important right that resonates with the pride one can feel as an American. I remember when I voted for the first time; I was so proud of being part of the process of electing our president. Even though I’m a Latino immigrant in America, voting made me feel like I was a part of this country. For an immigrant owning a house in the

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