The Artist's Way Analysis

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Goodwillie’s book called, “Breaking Through” and Cameron’s book called, “the Artist’s Way,” focuses on two unique ways of teaching people about creative drama. There are many benefits of using creative drama in the classroom. Social awareness is increased through working with others, and pretending to “be” others. By doing this, a child can learn to understand himself and others. Also, Children learn cooperation, leadership, and communication skills. As a teacher, it is important for every student to feel comfortable when engaging themselves in various activities. The main difference between the two stories are Goodwille portrays her book to anyone wanting overcome their fears of creative drama, whereas Cameron’s ideas are focused on teaching people about creative drama in a spiritual way. It is important for students and teachers to understand why we use creative drama in the classroom. Not only does it break through the adolescent barriers and builds a cooperative group, it helps their learning process tremendously. What was interesting about Goodwille’s book was she offered teachers a variety of ideas and strategies for dealing with group attitudes and individual needs. Also, she…show more content…
Cameron explains to the reader that, “it is a spiritual workshop aimed at freeing people’s creativity.” (Cameron, pg.3). She reminds people reading the book that she will use the word “God” in it, and she doesn’t want them to feel uncomfortable because she is talking about “creative energy.” She also explains that she is not trying to make you believe in God if you don’t, and that you will still be able to experience an altered life through working with the principles she gives you. The main idea of Cameron’s book is she wants the people who feel they are not creative to overcome that fear and to believe that they can accomplish what they have always dreamed of
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