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Taryn Stevenson Mr. David Charlson Comp 1 15 September 2012 Argument vs. Dialogue Have you ever wondered if maybe there is a right or wrong time to fight or defend specific ideas you may or may not agree with? I feel like most people don’t necessarily think about whether or not there is a right or wrong time, but rather just go day to day doing what they normally do. However, Deborah Tannen has written a short essay over what she calls “The Argument Culture.” Basically, Tannen discusses how this “argument culture” urges people all around the world to be close-minded in the sense that everything has to either be a win or lose. On the other hand, Tannen believes that there are not always two sides to everything. People may agree, disagree, or feel a happy medium between two ideas. In my opinion, Deborah Tannen is right about this argument epidemic and the importance of it, but I also think there are situations in which arguing is necessary.…show more content…
One of my good friends seems to be fond of the idea of arguing. It had seemed like every single time I would voice an opinion on a situation or idea, she had to think or feel the complete opposite of my statement. Most of the time I thought it was just on purpose, and it didn’t make me want to argue back. All it made me want to do was drop the subject. If she had had more specific reason as to why she disagreed with me, maybe it wouldn’t have turned me away as quickly and easily. In a nutshell, Tannen says “a ‘let it all hang out’ philosophy emphasizes people expressing their anger without giving them constructive ways of settling differences.” I feel like people, including myself, should step back and ask, “Is the argument worth it?” There doesn’t need to be a winner or loser, just agree to

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