The Alamo Drafthouse Case Study

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The Alamo Drafthouse case study Question 5. Conduct a SWOT analysis to identify internal strengths and weaknesses as well as threats and opportunities in the external environment. Threats * Students leaving the area for summer and winter breaks * Competitors in the downtown area (bars, liquor stores) * Other theaters with a variety of movie genres Opportunities * Introducing technology (touch screen devices, such as iPads) for customers to place their orders and make payments (Will reduce the movement between wait staff and customer) * Reward programs for frequent costumers (half off drink specials) * Student entry discounts once a week * Build sliding trays that are connected to the seats (gives more room to add extra rows for seating) Weaknesses * Does not have adjoining or free parking * Has half the number of seats for customers, due to the long dining tables * Pen, Paper and menus are provided to customers to place their food/drink orders * Most of the advisement is in the form of print and not internet * Single screen movie theater * Limited Locations Strengths * Choice of in-theater service (alcohol beverages, appetizers, hot sandwiches, individual pizzas, pasta and deserts) and self service (traditional movie theater snacks). * Wait staff visit customers and explain the function of the service system * Located close to the center of downtown * Special events are programmed in three months blocks * Italian Western movie night’s results in all you can eat spaghetti. Silent films have live local bands performing. * Film makers speak at special events * Cost of tickets are priced at a median * Less expensive advertising methods (close relationship with Austin Chronicle, free public relations

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