Review Of The Essay 'The Plug-In Drug' By Marie Winn

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Natale 1 Brooke Natale Professor Thoreson English 101 10 October 2006 Unplugged In Marie Winn’s essay, “Television: The Plug-In Drug,” she states that television once was viewed as something that was positive and brought families together; it now has more negative effects. Winn puts it best when she talks about “early illustration…a family cozily sitting together before the television set, Sis on Mom’s lap, Buddy perched on the arm of Dad’s chair, Dad with his arm around Mom’s shoulder…twenty years or so later Mom would be watching a drama in the kitchen, the kids would be looking at cartoons in their room, while Dad would be taking in the ball game in the living room” (par. 5). There is no such thing as family television anymore.…show more content…
We only got to watch for maybe an hour or so and then off to bed. We did not have televisions in our rooms, so when we went to bed, we went to bed. My friend Kathy has a son. He is three-years-old and has a television in his room. Whenever I go to Kathy’s, he is in his room watching television. I have to beg him to come out and play with me. I know Kathy does not make him watch television, but she does not prohibit him either. When it is time for bed the television stays on, and not just until he falls asleep. The television stays on all night. At three-years-old, he can not sleep unless the television is on and if you turn it off he wakes up crying. It just seems so much emphasis is being put on television. If you ask someone if they read about the accident that was in the newspaper yesterday, the probably will say no. If you ask them about the operation on “ER” last night and they can probably tell you in full detail. If you miss your favorite show, you can now TiVo it and watch whenever you want. Not only that, it will record other television shows the television thinks you might like also. You do not even have to go to the movies anymore; you can just order it on demand and for much cheaper than going to the theater. Families are no longer watching television

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