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Africa is the largest continent and most populated after Asia. Africa has a large geography ranging from highland, desert, plains, and grassland to snowcapped mountains. It consists of more than sixty countries. African is rich with natural resources like minerals wildlife and attractive sceneries not to forget industries. Amazingly each country in Africa has its own unique culture, traditions and language, with regards to daily living. African culture is incredibly interesting because country has a mixture of different tribes with their own cultural practices, traditions and languages. African tradition is expressed through Music, Art, and Literature. Different songs are used during different occasions. They also use music as a way of conveying…show more content…
Traditional African food are a combination of locally grown fruits, vegetables ,cereal, grains, meat and milk .Because of the Indians ,Persian and the Europeans trading in Africa, African have incorporated species, rice and wheat into their food. Rites of passages are still practiced in Africa. These are, Birth, Circumcision for both girls and boy in some cultures, Marriage, and Death. They believe one has to go through the four rites of passages. For each one of these rites, it is honored with a celebration by the whole community. Men practice polygamy, where by a man marries more than one wife at a time. The tradition dictates that the many children you have the wealthier and closer you are to your ancestors. Christianity is against polygamy but it is still practiced in the rural communities. Due to education and westernization, the African culture has been shaking. The youths make decision on what rites to take part regardless of their family opinions. Due to this many youths have been excommunicated from the community hence seeking the urban centers as their refuge. The elders see them as an abomination in the community. The advocating of women rights has made the women to be breadwinners in their families. A practice which has been rare in the African

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