Textual analysis of The highest branch on the tree

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Textual analysis of ”The Highest Branch on the Tree” - 1998 Short story of Ray Bradbury The Short story is about Douglas Spaulding, who is the narrator and the main character. He thinks back to his school time, in high school, when he threw a classmate’s pants high up at big tree in the schoolyard. The classmate, Harry Hands, was very annoying to him back then, the boy always showed off with his intellect. Then he meets the same person one day in Chicago, and he takes the main character in to a big building, which he owns. He has become a very successful man. Douglas Spaulding our main character, was the one who threw the pants in the tree, even though all of the children were annoyed with the boy, he was the one who took action and did something. Even though it was a very mean thing to do, it suggests that either he was braver than the others were, or he was just dumber than the others. Since the early part of the story takes place in 1934, when the rules and discipline was much stricter, and he risked a lot of trouble, I think it was a very brave thing to do. However, Douglas becomes a mediocre man. He’s a writer, and does quite good in life. But Harry Hinds (Harry Hands) has a lot more success than he does. Harry Hands or Harry Hinds as he changes his name into, was a very smart boy in his school time. He was much smarter than all the other boys, but instead of using his intellect to socialize with them, he uses it to seem better than all the other boys. That’s why the other boys doesn’t like him. Although he says later on when he meets Douglas in Chicago, which he cheated with some things for example, when they had gym-class, and they were assigned to run some laps around the track. Harry would hide behind a car, and at the last lap, overtake them all so they thought he ran much better than they did. That day Douglas threw Harry’s pants into the

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