Examples Of Sexism In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay About Courage

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Krystyna Segarra American Studies Block C/D Marzalek/Stingo Courage Essay Topic: C There are many meanings of courage. Some say that courage is being able to overcome your fears. Others say courage is a person with a strong heart and soul. In To Kill a Mocking Bird, courage is “when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what” (pg112). Courage plays a major role in To Kill a Mocking Bird, the story of two young children growing up in an unfair world of society facing many hardships and difficulties along the way. With also effects of racism, sexism, and more. Author Harper Lee displays true courage as standing up for what one believes in even when it means…show more content…
Even though he is a young teenage boy his spirit is more of a stalwart young man. Jem fights Bob Ewell a grown man much bigger than him to save him and his little sister.” Run, Scout! Run! Run! Jem screamed. . . I could not keep my balance. Jem, Jem help me, Jem! . . . From somewhere nearby came scuffling, kicking sounds, sounds of shoes and flesh scraping dirt and roots. Someone rolled against me I felt Jem. He was like lighting and pulling me with him . . . I felt Jem’s hand leave me, felt him jerk backwards to the ground. More scuffling, and there came a dull crunching sound and Jem screamed” (pgs 261-262) Jem was fighting for his life to save him and his sister in this quote and that shows a good deal of courage. Taking risks and sacrificing his life for others. That really is an accomplishment to have at his age. Jem also shows his heroism when he leaves his house cause he feels his father is in danger, when he arrives there, he stands up to his father so the dangerous men at his office don’t hurt him.”We streaked across the square, across the street, . . . the men talked in near whispers. . . . Go home, Jem, he said. . Jem shook his head. . Son, I said go home. . Jem shook his head . . . . I aint going, was his steady answer to Atticus’s threats, requests, and finally, Please Jem, take them home” (pgs 151-153) Jem ran all the way from his…show more content…
For example he saves Jem and scout from Bob Ewell.”Its owner said, Uff! And tried to catch my arms, but they were tightly pinioned. His stomach was soft but his arms were like steel. He slowly squeezed the breath out of me. I could not move. Suddenly he was jerked backwards and flung on the ground,almost carrying me with him. . .staggering”(pg 262) Even though everyone in the town thinks of Boo as a bad guy you can see that he is certainly not at all. He saved Scouts and even Jem’s life from Bob Ewell and that takes some guts to do. Since you’re the type of person to just stay in your home. He didn’t care at all of others Boo did what he had to do to help the children. And he was very successful in doing so. He was looked upon as a hero even by Atticus and Mr. Tate. Boo Radley is very courageous for saving the children’s lives’. But that is not all he has done, Boo Radley stands up against danger on behalf of what society thinks of him. Like how he shows his face to the others when he returns Scout home since he saved her. He didn’t care what they thought of him because he knew already that almost everyone in Maycomb spreads terrible rumors about him so he was fearless. “Don’t let the fear get down in you break out of it to repair yourself.” (Unknown author) This quote relates to Boo and kind of what he believes in since he repaired himself by showing

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