Similarities Between Green Eggs And Ham

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Green eggs and ham, a story book that grabs our attention by its questionable title. A title can explain a lot about a book. To kill a mocking bird by harper lee is an extraordinary book that explores further past the basics of the title. In the novel, certain characters begin representing the metaphorical 'mocking bird'. Tom Robinson, boo Radley and Scout finch are all major characters in the book that have similarities to the symbolic mocking bird.the characters all show innocence, happiness and hope. The thought of killing one of these can rafters would be like disturbing the peace of the harmless song the mocking bird whistles. Tom Robinson is a character the betrays the characteristics of a mockingbird. Tom Robinson is acaused of rapping a white woman, Mayella Ewell. During the court case we hear the evidence given to prove toms innocence. "Mr. Finch, I tried.…show more content…
After a childish prank he pulled when he was a young boy, his father incarnated him for may years. Boo can be referred to a style 'mocking bird'of the story as he is one of the townss most judged members, but is actually just an innocent caring man. Boo has very little contact with the outside world. When he starts leaving toys and objects in a hollow tree trunk for jet and scout, it's one of boos first interactions with anyone other then his father and brother. Attics, scout jem and society all misjudged boos shy personality for so,e crazy killer man. - . As the story goes on we find scout beginning to realises boos situation. When scout and jem are in a life threatening situation boo reveals himself and saves the young lives of them. By the times Attucks and heck Tate understand boos innocence, to was to late to save him. The judgmental pressures and rumours from out side the walls of his house had broken down the poor boy inside. Boo Radley wasn't kept inside he chose to stay there. ' exposing boo would sort of be like shootin a mocking bird, wouldn't it?'-
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