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|Name: Erin |Date: 9/24/12 | Unit 5: 5.04 Take a Breath 1 20 points Taking a Test? Take a Breath Over the next few days, you will be developing a plan to prepare for an upcoming test. You will use the information you’ve learned about learning preferences, learning environments, effective work habits, memorization strategies, and coping with test anxiety. Project Instructions Gather the following materials: The results of your Learning Style Inventory (from Unit 3) Unit 4 assignment: The Design Time: Your Space project Study notes about work habits and distractions, memorization strategies, and coping skills Answer the questions listed below under each of the four category headings. Write your answers in complete sentences. Pick one of your course subjects and create a mock-up review schedule for a unit test. Estimate how many hours you will need to review for a test and block out units of time in your weekly schedule. Your plan should include daily and weekly reviews. Remember, your review schedule will vary from test to test, what’s important is that you learn to budget your time. Answer ALL questions below in complete sentences: Learning Preferences What did your Learning Style Inventory tell you is your preferred method of learning? Visual Learning is my preferred method of learning What sorts of activities would help you study best for your preferred learning style? Making charts for study guides and labeling with colors would help me study best. Think about where you study best. Do you concentrate better… …with quiet or background noise? Quiet …with bright or dim light?Dim lights …in warm or cool temperatures? Cool temperatures …at a desk or more comfortable setting? Comfortable setting (Bed,Couch) …in the

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