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The Temptations Of Unrequited Love Essay

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  • on April 29, 2008
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The Temptations of Unrequited Love

Christopher Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” is clearly a poem about love.   Even the title of the poem has the word love in it, suggesting love, specifically “his love.”   In the first line of the poem, the shepherd is asking, I’m assuming, a women to come live with him and be his love.   The remainder of the poem is, for the most part, the shepherd pleading to this women by telling her how wonderful it will be when she gives in to him.   He describes numerous places they will make love, and when they are done the birds will sing and he will immaculately clothe her.   The woman shepherd tries to convince her with this wonderful image of them in these places making love and what he will do for her when the love act is over.   I feel this poem says that love can be desired by a person from a specific other person, but that other person may not want the love.  
Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is a story with love.   Although I do not feel that love is the main topic, it is a very strong influence to the outcome of the story.   Connie, the main subject, is a fifteen year old girl who is in the transition of becoming a young woman.   Arnold Friend is an older man that tries to convince Connie to go with him so he can give her his love.   Connie does not initially accept Arnold’s proposal of love the first time he asks her.   He has to plead with her, trying to convince her by telling her how great it will be to be in his embrace.   He even threatens harm on her family to achieve this love from her.   Again, I feel this story   says that love can be desired by a person from a specific other person, but that other person may not want the love.
In the first lines of Marlow’s poem, the shepherd is asking: “Come live with me and be my love / And we will all the pleasures prove” (Marlow Lines 1-2).   I feel that the shepherd is thinking about satisfying his own sexual needs from his literary use of...

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