Conventions of Love Songs

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Conventions of Mature and Immature Love Everyone always has his or her own ideal version of an “American Dream” even though if it may seem unrealistic. This is often the case with mature and immature love. The sublimity of mature love is when the lovers tend to have high expectations where as immature lovers want something that is not realistic. The situational and emotional conventions, of modern love songs to that of ancient love songs, convey similar messages about mature and immature love through idealism. Ideal modern perspectives of mature love, in certain songs, are similar to that of the situations in ancient songs. Today, songs about mature love speak about how people believe relationships should be. For example, when Shelton mentions, “on my own I’m only half of what I could be” (13-14) in his song “God Gave Me You”, he is stating that the woman he loves is his significant other. This is similar to the quote, “…far from the hearth of familiar arms. It is this being so tangled in you” (11-12) in the ancient Egyptian love song called “Love of you is mixed deep in my vitals” because the writer also conveys the same message. Overall, both modern and ancient artists exemplify situations of mature love since each need their lover in their lives to feel complete. Immature love is a situation where a person loves the idea of having “love” causing it to be an unrealistic desire. “Been here all along so why can't you see? You belong with me” (12-13) quoted from Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong with Me”, describes her desperation for her crush by trying to persuade him that she is the one for him. Her actions are immature because someone’s love cannot be forced. The main character from the ancient song “I was simply off to see Nefrus my friend” is similar. For example, she hid from her crush, Mehy, because “he would make her just one of the girls for
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