True Love Essay

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The Meaning of True Love “True Love,’’ a poem written by Sharon Olds, explores what really makes love true. She expresses her opinion of how true love should be, and that in order for love to be true it has to be strong. The speaker reflects upon her love life after making love with her husband. She then takes the reader into the bathroom with them showing the depth of their intimacy with each other. Olds suggests in this poem that “True Love’’ is all about two people having passion, oneness, and comfort with each other. These three things in a marriage or relationship create true love. Also, she tries to show that without true love, sex is no good. From the beginning of the poem, the speaker talks about the passion between her and her husband. She expresses that their love making is very intense and passionate. She starts by saying, “In the middle of the night, when we get up/after making love, we look at each other, in complete friendship/We fully know what each other has been doing,’’(1-4)Here, the speaker says she feels as if her and her husband have complete friendship. She then says, “we fully know what each other have been doing’’ which means that she and her husband trust each other. Also it means that despite what happens in their lives, they still see each other as friends and as equals. Their love making does not make neither of them feel ashamed or downgraded because they have a special friendship and comfort with each other. It also means that there are no secrets in their relationship. Olds then says, “I can barely walk/I wobble through the granular shadowless air/I know where you are with my eyes close, we are bound to each other with huge invisible threads/Our sexes muted,exhausted,crushed,the whole body a sex,’’(8-14) Olds says their sexes are muted meaning that their genders are muted. They do not see each other as a woman or man but as
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