Comparison of Nettles and Born Yesterday Essay

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The poem ‘Nettles’ by Scannel explores the ways in which a parent is protective towards their child and doesn’t want to see them get hurt so they will do anything in their power to protect them, however they cannot always be protected and soon they will be hurt. The poem ‘Born yesterday’ by Amis explores the ways in which the speaker is wishing an unborn baby girl the best in life and how he doesn’t expect her to be perfect, and she ‘may be ordinary’. These two poems go well together because they are both based on a realistic view on life, they both show the way people will shield their loved ones from the unseen pain and unhappiness of the unknown future. The line “My son would often feel sharp wounds again” from ‘Nettles’ shows that no matter how much a parent tries to protect their child they will get hurt. This is also portrayed in ‘Born yesterday’ when it says “tightly-folded bud” this indicates that although the child may be young and unable to defend for herself her loved ones will try and protect her, however soon they won’t be there to protect her and she will be left to defend for herself. The poem ‘Nettles’ is written in a narrative form, with a fist person speaker. This stresses the fact that the poem has been drawn from personal experiences. The use of the word ‘My’ throughout the poem shows a sense of belonging and protectiveness towards the narrator’s

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