Ted Bundy: A Famous Serial Killer

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Thomas Huntley CJ 101 December, 2009 Ted Bundy Ted Bundy was a famous serial killer who was born in 1946. He is responsible for the deaths of over 30 people. Bundy was born to a single mother in Burlington, Vermont. Ted never knew who his real father was. His mother led him to believe that she was his sister and his grandparents were his parents. Bundy did not find this out till he was an adult. Bundy was raised in a Christian house hold and had a relatively normal childhood. However, as a boy he developed an addiction to pornography. His grandfather had a collection of pornography that Bundy would secretly look at. His addiction got worse and worse. He began viewing porn that dealt with violence. Eventually, as Bundy describes…show more content…
He then attended his first year of college at the University of Puget Sound. After his first year he transferred to the University of Washington in Seattle. It was there in 1967 that Bundy met his first girl friend. Her name was Stephanie Brooks; she was the first woman that Bundy ever felt close to. After his year in Washington, Bundy transferred once again to Stanford University. Shortly after Brooks broke off their relationship and Bundy was reportedly devastated. His grades suffered which led him to drop out of college. Perhaps this is what set Bundy off on his killing rampage. Many of his victims had a strong resemblance to his first girlfriend. After taking time off from college, Bundy re-enrolled in Washington University. He excelled in his classes and worked very hard. He became very involved in politics by volunteering for the Republican Party. Due to Bundy’s success in school and politics no one ever suspected him to be a Serial…show more content…
During the investigations of the separate crimes police began noticing similarities between all of them. The three states began working together in finding the single killer. All of the victims were white, Caucasian females that had thin builds, and they all had long hair which was parted in the middle. Each victim was reported to be wearing slacks at the time of there disappearance which were all at night. The victims were also turning up dead in very remote locations. The police received reports of witnesses seeing a handsome man driving a VW bug wearing either a cast on his arm or his leg. One of Bundys tactics in abducting woman was posing as a college student with a cast on his arm. He would approach woman and ask them for help carrying a heavy load of books to his car. He would then lead them to his car and beat them with a crow

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