Team Building and Team Development Essay

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Topic: Team Building and Team Development Content 1. Introduction P.2 2. What is team and teamwork? P.3-4 3. Team building and team development P.5-9 4. Is team better than individual? P.10-11 5. Limitations of team P.12-13 6. Conclusion P.14 7. References P.15 Introduction “The path to greatness is along with others.“ said by Baltasar Gracion, a Spanish Priest. “Synergism is the simultaneous actions of separate entities which together have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.” by Buchholz and Roth. From ancient to now, there are a lot of quotes about teamwork. It seems that human appreciate the way of work as a team and team work. As we grow up, we have worked in teams at some point in life and can recall interacting with others to meet team objectives. Is teamwork the best way to do work? Can individual work better than teamwork at some points? Does teamwork always give success? Does teamwork have any drawbacks? Think of your own experiences in working as a team and you may challenge the advantages of teamwork. You may ask why there is such a difference between the expectation and the situation in real life? Or you may want to know how can we build a good team so as to do things more effectively and how can we avoid the cons of working in a team. In this essay, I will first define teamwork and state the functions of team. Then, I will compare teamwork with individual work, analyze the pros and cons for each way of working in daily life. After that I will talk about what is effective team building and team development and give you some

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