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Business Unit 2 TCA 1 Part 1 For this task you need to create a leaflet that describe the below points and how each of them are used to help a business: Staffing to meet business demands: Suitably qualified staff may be recruited or they may be trained within the organisation when they first join in order to have the right level of skills that the business requires. The type and level of staffing in a business may also have to change to keep up with the changing demands of the business as it is an ever changing business environment. A lot of businesses keep a human resources information system that stores a computerised record of training and experience of the employees at the business. This helps the company stay aware of the experience…show more content…
These resources could be skills within the team, they could be experience or an experienced member of the team, and potentially they could even be financial resources that will help the team achieve what it needs to within the business. Co-ordination of team resources may involve deciding which members of the team would best utilize the training resources to improve the performance of the team on a whole and how the training could be shared; but as long as the team is working together in a co-ordinated way it should meet targets. Monitoring of team performance: The monitoring of team performance allows the team leader or manager to evaluate how well their subordinates are working, to assist their subordinates the team leader would have to effectively utilize resources. If resources are used ineffectively then it can be detrimental to the team’s performance e.g. a call operator may spend too long on each call, this would tire them out and drag the rest of the team’s performance down with them. By switching out call operators on a shift basis this would allow the tired call operator to rest and a fresh one to take over. Business Unit 2 TCA…show more content…
the level of formality that you would use with a manager compared to one of your mates. Some businesses are very formal with managers referring to one another as Mr, Mrs or even Dr. But despite this many organisations use first name basis as it gives a connection between manager and subordinate, relating back to human resources. Some organisations try to keep peoples work live and home lives separate e.g. discouraging relationships between co-workers. Other organisations encourage things such as relationships to be brought into the office even going so far as to have job opening specifically for couples. A business must also make it clear for an employee if they are allowed to take on a second job in the evening. This is due to the employee potentially taking away business from the company and also being too tired from working the extra hours to work the core hours for the business. For this reason some businesses put terms in the employees contract that require them to ask the business for permission before taking a second

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