Teacher Jachin Analysis

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In the outskirts of our neighborhood, there is a school head teacher that comes from a different community within a Gentile community. Teacher Jachin is short, musculing, round face with curvilinear lines on his face, he keeps his hair bobbed; at all times, the teacher presents himself in a formal dressing. He at times uses facial hair in promoting symmetry, besides this, the teacher ensures he has a masculine body by keeping fit at all times. Looking at his shoes, the teacher wears half inch shoes and stands straight at all times in a superior posture which makes him appear confident at all times. Jachin is a senior teacher at the nearby community school, even though I have not known him for long, I often come in contact with him from time to time when he attends his church services at our local church. One of his principle component visible when you first meet with Mr Jachin is he has an attractive body, from the face to other parts of the body, even though this does not have significant interaction with his overall attractiveness. The teacher, Jachin, having lived in a different society, has had an opportunity to integrate with other people from different cultural societies. This does not mean that the teacher has left his cultural traditions and beliefs, but the teacher comes out to display somatic features for his teaching abilities that has come to serve as key criteria of his difference. The teacher does maintain close tie with the entire community, and by observation is determined to improve the status of the entire community. He is able to recognize inequality present when forcing people who are mentally, physically and intellectually strong in giving up their strengths for a school full of students that are equal and law-abiding. The teacher has a mode of speaking that is very interesting because he creates an intimate link between his mental

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