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TCS Ignite Open Lab TCS Ignite Open Lab Algorithms Challenge Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind. - Donald Knuth Computer Scientist and author of the seminal multi-volume work The Art of Computer Programming 1 TCS Ignite Open Lab Cover Page: Ruminating Calf A ruminating calf drawn in oil pastels greets trainees as they exit our high-tech lecture hall, signaling a time and space for reflective learning. Ruminating Calf © by J.P. Ignite, TCS The Artist J Prabhakar, known as J.P., is a Chennai based artist who specializes in pen-and-ink line drawings. With no formal education in art, J.P. is entirely self-schooled. Although his work is focused exclusively on the sacred arts and his themes tend to be temples, monuments and sculptures, he innovates constantly in terms of technique, technology, materials, form and content. His pursuit of excellence is a constant source of inspiration. 2 TCS Ignite Open Lab The TCS Ignite Open Lab – Algorithms The Challenge In this challenge, you will write algorithms to solve two problems. The Interviewer Candidate Problem Waiting Room Interview Room Refer to the diagram above. It is a walk-in-interview setup having an interview room with one chair and a waiting room with a number of chairs. The interviewer interviews candidates in the interview room. When the interviewer finishes interviewing a candidate, he dismisses the candidate and goes to the waiting room to see if there are other candidates waiting. If there are, he brings one of them to his room and interviews him. If there are no candidates waiting, he returns to his chair in the interview room and continues reading his last unfinished magazine. If there are no unfinished magazines, he starts reading a new magazine. After he finishes reading one full magazine, he goes to sleep. Each candidate, when he

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