The Change In Life In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Ashley Dargin English 1302 Mr. LaFosse October 14, 2010 The Change in Life in Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” This story is about a man who perception of what he thinks about meeting a blind man. He really does not care for the blind man in story because the relationship Robert “blind man” has with his wife. Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral" has a meaning to its title. His outlook on being around Robert changes through its course. The husband who does not have a name in the story, but Robert calls him “Bub” at the end. The husband who is distracted about this certain man. He knows his wife has an ongoing relationship with Robert over the years. He even finds himself communicating with Robert in a way he never thought of doing. The husband…show more content…
The husband has a habit of being socially alone. It does not bother him to not be around any one in his own home. The husband enjoys drinking alone even smokes drugs. He would even stay up late at night watching TV. The wife going to bed alone, while her husband stays up late at night. Their relationship with one another is very distant. The husband wonders why his wife is close with Robert. The wife tells hers husband “you don’t have any friends” (95). He tries to understand the reasons for the way his wife acts about…show more content…
The husband and Robert the two sitting there alone after eating, drinking, and smoking. The wife gone up stairs leaves the two men alone with one another. The husband had no clue what they would talk about, the husband turns on the television. A cathedral was on the husband asked Robert questions about the cathedral “do you have any idea what a cathedral is?” (101). Robert tells the husband what he has heard of cathedral “took hundreds of workers years to build” (101). Robert has an idea he ask for things to draw a cathedral. The husband not knowing what is going on at the moment. Dargin 3 Robert asks the husband who he gave him a name “Bub” to close his eyes and draw a cathedral. That when the husband never thought he could draw a cathedral with eyes

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