Tastykake Sensables Essay

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CONTENTS 1.0 BACKGROUND OF TASTYKAKE 1 2.0 CASE DISCUSSION 4 2.1 Question 1 4 2.2 Question 2 10 2.3 Question 3 13 2.4 Question 4 14 3.0 CONCLUSION 15 REFERENCES 16 1.0 BACKGROUND OF TASTYKAKE Tastykake started in the year 1914, when a Pittsburgh baker, Philip J. Baur and a Boston egg salesman, Herbert T. Morris went into business in Philadelphia to produce baked goods using only the finest ingredients delivered fresh daily to the bakery. They are very strict on using only farm fresh eggs, Grade A creamery butter, real milk, cocoa, spices, and natural flavorings from the far ends of the earth to ensure the products they make are high quality and healthy. Tastykake got its name when the cake they invented tasted so good that Morris' wife, after trying some of the samples, said they were "tasty," hence they eventually named the business Tasty Baking Company and came up with the catchy name, Tastykake. They then started selling the cakes, and at ten cents a cake, Morris managed to sell $28 worth on the first day and earn $222 the first week. Their work paid off, when by the end of 1914, the company’s gross sales were $300,000. That was when they decided to expand their business and the plans they took includes built machines, hired employees as well as expanding their routes. Chocolate Juniors were the first new product developed. After that, they invested on electric ovens to produce cupcakes in large volume. In year 1918, Tastykake’s sales reached $1 million and by 1930, with the introduction of Butterscotch Krimpets and the expansion to five buildings, Tastykake was selling $6 million worth of these new snack cakes. Krimpets and cupcakes were the two best sellers at two packs for a nickel. In the '30s, as Americans looked toward economy, Tasty Baking Company came up with a revolution. Tastykake came out with individually packaged

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