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The featured product for consideration that is chosen is the “Wonder Enriched White Bread”. Having growing up with eating this bread, it is worth its weight in gold. This bread is currently sold in all outlets and supermarkets throughout the United States and abroad. The average selling price is $1.79 a loaf. In this project, we will discuss the product’s features: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats Analysis of this product. Take wonder bread as part of your daily healthy balance diet, it guarantees the customer will get the recommended daily allowance of grains as required by the FDA. This is great source if you want to fight obesity, make “Wonder Bread” a part of your daily regime. Wonder bread was established in 1921 by Taggert Baking Company of Indianapolis with the help of American master baker and vice President Elmer Cline. Wonder Bread Company introduced four different kinds of bread: Wonder Kids bread (white, whole meal); Wonder Wheat Hamburger bun (corn, hearty whole meal); Wonder Classic White bread (Vitamins, minerals and Calcium fortified); and Wonder Classic White sandwich bread. The most favorite sandwich bread is the Wonder Classic White bread. The Taggert baking company introduced this bread to satisfy the customer need of a healthy nutritional and vitamin rich bread. It is retailing at super markets at $1.75, and it is distributed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The wonder bread: “It’s slo-baked” “Almost Vegan” and “Helps build strong bones 12 ways. (http://www.ehow.com) STRENGTHS: (4 Ps) PRODUCT: Wonder bread is made with whole wheat flour, water, wheat gluten, high fructose corn syrup, contains 2% or less of: soybean oil, salt, molasses, yeast, mono diglycerides, vitamin D, common salt, dextrose, baker’s yeast, dough conditioners, and rich in fiber. Wonder bread does not contain any

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