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Edward Bradley, a dearly beloved news reporter, had passed away the 9th of November in 2006 due to Leukemia. Ed Bradley was an extremely successful reporter. He had won several Emmy’s for his work. His success was attributed to his way of winning people’s hearts and at the same time being a great reporter without having to change much. Edward Bradley was said to have been elegant and empathetic. The article stated that Ed “he could really connect with people he interviewed.” He had very strong people skills and was very giddy. He was always, in a sense, “cool” whereas every other reporter was not. He had a unique personality that distinguished him from other hard reporter. “Women loved him,” the article stated and he was always the same on camera as he was off. He was not fake or anything but a man of the highest integrity some say. He was also a determined man, trying to marry his first love, Lena Horn, with whom he was smitten with puppy love. He wanted to marry her despite the huge age gap of 20 years. He had an amazing personality and almost always acted upon it which helped him reach the success level he had today. Ed Bradley’s character alone was not what had brought him such success. He was also hard reporter and no matter what he did he always informed a learner. His first job was as an elementary school teacher. He then worked for jazz radio station, WCBS, as a radio reporter, with the nick name “Little Jazzbo”. In 1971, he worked for CBS as a reporter based in Paris. During the Vietnam\ War, he was hit by mortar shrapnel in Cambodia and he was one of the last to leave Saigon. He was the first black man to work as White House Correspondent for CBS News. Ed Bradley worked for over 25 years for “60 Seconds” and has had over 500 segments. His last story had him in the hospital. There was an oil explosion on October 9 in Texas and it is

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