The Champion Bullfighter

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THE CHAMPION BULLFIGHTER by OthmanKelantan Mamat returned home victoriously! He was the champion bullfighter. Pride, as big as Mt.Kinabalu, filled his chest. He couldn’t say a word, but his face glowed with pride. He had won. He was the best bullfighter of them all. How happy he was, how proud! As Mamat approached his modest home, his lips were quivering. He was trying to think of what he would say to his wife. Minah would no longer be angry. She would surely greet him with a smile as broad as that of a first-class prostitute. Minah would never again say, “Ha, ‘Papa Bull’ has come home.” Surely not. But Mamat saw no sign of Minah. No traces of his ‘naughty’ children either. Even Jusoh, his youngest child and only son, was nowhere to be seen; and Jusoh was always there to welcome him home, as only a child pampered by his father would. Where was Minah? Jusoh? And what about Melah, Selamah and Faisah? “How strange it all is,” Mamat thought. He wanted to tell his children what had happened. Lately Minah had been half deaf to everything he had to say; but now he yearned to whisper to her, to tell her that his lucky star had finally appeared. Where was everybody? Mamat walked straight on. He strode with confidence. The mountain of pride that filled his chest stood firmly there in all its glory; it would come down only for his wife. But first let her see and feel that mountain! Let Melah feel it too! And also Selamah and Faisah! Then Mamat suddenly remembered. “All three of my daughters are already divorced. What a pity!” and his pride shrank a little. Mamat recalled the recent events. Exciting! He was a professional with much experience, and not easily deceived. He could tell for sure; he could read each of Pak Isa’s bulls like a book especially Langsat. Despite his enormous strength, Langsat could be beaten. Mamat tried to get a close

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