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My passion is my favorite band, Pierce the Veil. Pierce the Veil is a post-hardcore/rock band from San Diego. The band consists of Vic Fuentes (singer), Mike Fuentes (drummer), Tony Perry (guitarist), and Jaime Preciado (bassist). They started off in 2006 and have been my favorite for almost five years now. They have three albums, A Flair for the Dramatic, Selfish Machines, and the most recent one Collide With the Sky. This band is so amazing in my opinion. I know pretty much everything there is to know about the band itself and the members. Vic Fuentes is twenty-nine years old. He is the oldest member of the band, but the shortest one. He writes most of the songs on the albums. Many of them are based off of personal expiriences or about stories that their fans tell him about. Mike Fuentes is twenty-seven years old. He is Vic’s little brother. Vic…show more content…
Meeting them made me just love the whole band even more because they weren’t stuck up or rude even though they’re famous. Most famous bands would be rude or act as if they’re better than others, but these guys were so nice and would talk to everyone as if they were just any normal person. I got to spend some time with Vic Fuentes and he even had me take out my phone to take pictures of the both of us together. To this day, I am still obsessed with those pictures. They’re the best pictures I’ll ever have. For this October, I was able to buy a meet and greet pass for before the show and I can’t wait to meet them again. I wrote Vic Fuentes a letter about how much I love the band and I am going to give them one of the songs I’ve written. Just knowing that they might read it is so great. Who knows! Maybe they will like it. Pierce the Veil is a perfect band and a great inspiration. They have been my favorite for almost five years now and will continue to be. Their music is my passion and maybe some day in the future I will get to work with or for

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