Taqa 3 Unit 301 Essay

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Unit 301 understanding the principles and practices of assessment Assessment methods in my role There are two main types of assessment, Norm and Criterion. Norm referenced assessment judges a learner against a benchmark level this can be national or local. The type of assessment that I use in my current role at Stourbridge college is Criterion assessment, this judges a learner against a set of criteria and states how competent the learner is compared to that criteria and current standards. There are various assessment methods which fall into either of two categories, direct or indirect. Direct assessment occurs when the evidence is provided by the learner and indirect when the evidence provided is about the leaner from other sources. Examples of direct assessment are observation, learner supplied written evidence, this can be in the form of reports, projects, assignments or different forms of questioning, oral questioning or professional discussion. Forms of indirect assessment are witness testimonies, accreditation of prior learning and peer assessment. In my current role I mostly use direct observation backed up written reports, witness testimonies and photographic evidence. I also use oral questioning as a direct form of assessing a learners knowledge against certain criteria. Within my subject area other assessment takes place such as written work in the learners portfolio, this is also used in initial assessment in the form of multiple choice questioning to ascertain a learners level of understanding and knowledge before they start a course. Accreditation of prior learning is also used to assess a learners level at initial assessment, this would then be checked with assessment, usually oral questioning, throughout the course. This is accompanied by interviewing on a personal basis in the form of a review. Following that formative assessment takes place by

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