Suspicious About The Benefits Of Computers

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Suspicious about the benefits of computers Nowadays, in the age of information, computers are the useful tool in our lives. They are utilized in many facets of life such as transportation, education, business and so on (Meyer, Baber & Pfaffenberger, 1999, c.11). Although it can not be denied that computers have many benefits, we should be more suspicious of their benefits for several reasons. The first reason we must be more suspicious of computers’ benefits is that they can affect people healths and communication skills. Sitting long in front of computer screen can cause bad effects on users’ health especially on the eyesight. The test done by Tatemichi in Japanese companies has showed that heavy computer users were more likely to be long-sighted ( hypermetropia) or short-sighted (myopia) ( qdt. in “Computer use,” 2004). Furthermore, in the Scheer opinion, people can communicate via computer networks that lead to the decrease in actual human contact. He also argued that the human‘s sense of community may be waken by using computers (qtd. in Winters, 1997). The second reason is that privacy and public safety can be at risk in the age of computers (Meyer et al., c.10, p.32). According to Temblor, “it is impossible to write a security script that some one cannot break into. Given time, any system can be cracked” (2000). This fact can create a great harm to individual and public. A survey has been done by Information Week showed that seventeen companies had reported losses of more than $1 million as a result of a single security incident. The harm is not only stop at the financial loss but also lead to collapse of vital infrastructures (Meyer et al., c.10, p.23). The opponents may argue that computers with their benefits make our life more comfortable. Via internet, a new computer technology, people can have enormous information with a simple click (Cao,
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