Surveying and Estimating Health & Safety Unit

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1. Identify the persons responsible for health and safety on the project described. * List the main site personnel. * Identify their roles and responsibilities in respect of health, safety and welfare. Everyone on site is responsible for Health and Safety on-site, although the level of responsibility will vary. Employers Designers Planning Supervisors Principal Contractors Subcontractors/Self Employed Subcontractors and self employed contractors must cooperate and work within the guidelines of the Principal Contractor on all health and safety matters. They must also control any health and safety risk on site which forms part of their works. This would be included within their scope of works and risk assessment approved by the Principal Contractor. Employees Public 2. Define the general legal duties for health, safety and welfare as specified by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 that are applicable to this project. * What are the main requirements of this act in respect of construction projects * Relate these to the project described in the scenario, making any proper assumptions where required. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 imposes a range of duties upon employers, the self employed and employees as well as others such as designers, manufacturers or suppliers of articles and substances for use at work. In addition The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, there are also additional regulations covering industry sectors as a whole, for example, construction industry. The general duties, which must be followed by all, are outlined below: Employers: * Ensure health, safety and welfare of all their employees. * Produce a written policy statement explaining how the employers intend to impose the safe work environment. * Consult with union representatives if necessary/required. * Ensure
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