Summer Dreaming Frozen Treat Co.

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“Summer Dreaming Frozen Treat Co.” Mid-Term Case Analysis Report Raymond Liang (020783064) EAC694 BA June 23, 2009 Prepared for: John Miller Shelly Millman Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Context/Background Information 4 Overview of Procedures 4 Profit and Financing Analysis 4 Revenue Analysis 4 Cost Analysis 5 Financing Activities 5 Advertisements 6 Recommendation 7 Action and Implementation 7 Assumptions 8 Appendices and Exhibits 9 Executive Summary Summer Dreaming Frozen Treat Company (SDFT Co.) is a company that sells frozen products across the city using pedal-powered carts. The company is planning for another year of operations, and has made a request to prepare a budget for the month of April and May. Also they are considering running advertisements in the local newspaper and want to know the impact of it on their sales and costs. Base on my calculations, predicted financial information provided, and my scenario analysis. I highly recommend that we run the advertisements in the local newspaper, as it will significantly raise our sales compared to not running any advertisements. With the advertisements we can raise our ending cash balance from $70,100 to $80,630 in April and from $152,700 to $175,605 in May. After approval by management, we should immediately start contacting the local newspaper for the ad. Additionally, start recruiting new salespeople, and increase warehouse space and cart rental. Context/Background Information Summer Dreaming Frozen Treat Company (SDFT Co.) is a company that sells various frozen treats across the city. They purchase frozen products from an external manufacturer and sell them by salespeople on pedal-powered carts. For the month of April and May, they want to prepare a budget to determine their expected optimal profits. They would also like to know how the

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