Kudler Fine Foods Operational Analysis

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Running head: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Operations Management Assessment of Operational Changes University of Phoenix MMPBL 502 Instructor: Arthur Gentner January 11, 2009 Operations Management Assessment of Operational Changes Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale food shop located in the San Diego metropolitan area. The company has enjoyed rapid growth, and the owner Kathy Kudler wants to make a few changes within the company. In doing this, Kathy Kudler plans to start contracting with local growers of organic produce. If Kudler Fine Foods proceeds with these changes and takes these steps, certain operational changes will be necessary. This paper will identify the business processes at Kudler Fine Foods that could be affected by the…show more content…
Quality control tools are used to develop products and services that meet or excess customer’s needs, requirements, and satisfactions. Quality control tools are also used to make improvements within a company and used to raise profits and cut costs. Improving efficiency and improving quality is also another function of quality control tools. Some quality control methods include total quality management, kaizen, just in time systems, and process reengineering. Kudler Fine Foods can use concepts from total quality management and kaizen to ensure the effectiveness of the operation. Kudler Fine Foods can implement total quality management because this will allow them to focus on improving all the activities in the organization. Total quality management deal with a continuous improvement in products and services in which the organization plan, do, check and act. Kudler Fine Foods also needs to make employees aware that everybody’s job is to work on improving quality. Kaizen is another form of quality management that Kudler Fine Foods can use. Kaizen is focused on the idea of continuous improvement within the organization. This method also focuses on ways to eliminate waste in materials and inventory. Kudler Fine Foods should continue to work on improvements in purchasing and with inventory. Performance standards are the results that are expected for performance to be satisfactory or successful. Performance standards can be stated in terms of time, cost, sales, and quality control. The performance standards that should be put in place to ensure the effectiveness of the operation should be the levels of sales, the inventory turnover, what customer are buying and not buying, and tracking of purchases. Performance standards should be set so they are attainable, measurable, specific, realistic, observable, and
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