Summary: Was Abraham Lincoln A Racist

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Was Abraham Lincoln a Racist? Most Americans know Abraham Lincoln as the man on the five dollar bill, or the person seated in a memorial in Washington D.C., however, his fame mostly came from freeing slaves during the Civil War. Before the war even began, people got the impression through Lincoln’s speeches and writings that he was a racist. It is important for Americans to realize he was not a racist through the views of the majority Caucasian population toward slavery and African Americans, the political statements and actions of Abraham Lincoln towards slavery and African Americans, and Lincoln’s actions and statements regarding slavery and African Americans during the Civil War. Before the Civil War even began the Caucasian population had some views towards slavery and African Americans. The country was divided into three basic parties. The Abolitionists, who wanted to abolish slavery. The Southerners, who wanted slaver protected and extended into the West, followed by a the third group, who opposed slavery, but didn’t mind if slavery was extended into the West as long as settlers got to vote (Integrations, 2008).…show more content…
Yes, at some point in his life he did allow African Americans to fight in the Union Army, but his actions proved that he wanted to free slaves and that he was not even close to being a racist. That’s why Abraham Lincoln is noted as being one of our nation’s greatest presidents. References Abraham Lincoln. (n.d.). Retrieved 11 1, 2012, from Faragher, J. M. (n.d.). Out of Many: A History of the AMerican Past, Volume 1. Learning Solutions. Robinson, A. S. (2008). Integrations. Cengage
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