Summary: Difficult Times Of The Great Depression

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Leslie Bazan History 102 November 27,2012 Difficult times of the Depression Americans were living the dream and everything was going great the war had ended and everyone was reunited with their families but sooner or later disaster would struck all over America. Not too much later people found themselves on the streets begging for food and standing in line for soup-lines. People were so desperate to get help that Americans even turned to the government for help. America took a huge change during the depression especially within the farm – lands since most land that people bought was bought under credit and they were not able to keep up with paying it back. People found themselves writing letters to the president and his wife asking for help in anyway…show more content…
People believed that she could help them out even if it was just a little bit. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt received a letter from an eleven -year old girl who stated in her letter, “ I am four feet and six inches tall and weigh 80 pounds. I would like to have a pair of shoes sized 3 ½ wide weidth. I would be the happiest person in the world. If I would receive a package from you on my birthday. You would never miss the small amount I have asked for.” (Source 1 pg213) Young children like this eleven year old wrote to first lady Roosevelt asking for small simple things such as clothes so that she could have something to wear to school. Her family was poor and could not afford to even have food none the less buy her new clothes. Most the time when the public wrote to Eleanore Roosevelt they asked to keep it private so that it would not go out to the public and having everyone know that they wrote to the president and his wife. The people of America adored president Roosevelt and his wife so much that they turned to them for comfort most of the letters written to them were not much it was very simple things such as clothing and money for school that they

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