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Gladys Ruelas Writing Essay: Lesson 3 What Is Your Favorite Memory I don’t know about your favorite memory, but my favorite memory was when I had my daughter Alizé Serenity Ramirez. I think every mothers favorite memory is her child’s birth. My pregnancy and the first time I heard her cry is something so special to me. I remember everything about my pregnancy and labor and delivery so clearly. The first time I found out I was pregnant was during the last weeks of February. When I found out I was pregnant I was only 6 weeks pregnant, me and my boyfriend were scared, but happy like any other teenage parent would be. As I became 10 weeks pregnant I was able to see my child and hear her heartbeat for the first time. When I first saw my child on the computer screen it was instantly in love. When I heard her heartbeat there was a feeling that I had to do everything I could to keep that heartbeat healthy and strong. As August came along I found out that I was having a beautiful little girl. Me and my boyfriend were so happy but scared; because she was a girl to us girls are a bigger responsibility than boys. We both had a fear of her growing up too fast and ending up pregnant just like her mother. But one thing we knew is that we would be great parents to her, and give her the attention and love we both really never got from our family. We both knew she was going to be spoiled because of us and her grandparents. She wasn’t even born yet and she already had a personal wardrobe. As the months passes by it was just a waiting game for me and my boyfriend we were so anxious for her arrival into the world. Everyone else was just waiting anxiously for her presence also. As the months also past I just got bigger and bigger, wider and wider. I was making a closer bond with my daughter while she was in my belly. When we went to one of my appointments the doctor

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