Summarising and Interpreting the Information in the Table Drawn on Research by Stanley Milgram

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Part 1 Summarising and interpreting the information in the table drawn on research by Stanley Milgram. ( pg 11 of DSE 141 Assignment booklet) The table shows the predictions by college students and three experimental results one made by the original study and two variations of the experiment. Where the participant learned with co – ‘teachers’ who defy the authority figure (variation 1) and where the participant teamed with co – ‘teachers’ who obey the authority figure (variation 2). ‘Each participant went through identical experimental procedure at which the teacher stopped shocking the learner . The experiment shows that on average level of shock at which teachers refused to continue in volts (variation 2) scored the highest (380), variation 1 scored 240 and 368 by the original study the difference is relatively small with variation 2 being quite high with the predictions made of 140 by the students. The percent of teachers using the maximum voltage is variation 2 being 72.0. The original study being 65.0 relatively small difference inbetween. Variation one being 10.0 and the student predictions percent was 0 small differences again although students thought no one would use the maximum voltage. The difference being quite high between variation 1 and 2 using maximum voltage. (2.2 The results pg 72) 200words Bibliography DSE 141 Discovering Psychology Assignment Booklet 2013J, The Open University – Adapted from : Milgram, S. (1974) Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View, London, Tavistock and Milgram, S. (1965) Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol.1, no.2, pp.127-34 Part 2 – Police Handout (Short report) Milgram was one of the most advanced and productive social psychologists of his generation, who studied a variety of subjects that explored social psychological aspects of everyday life. Milgram is considerably remembered for one

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