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Name:- Hard Dave Batch :- M2 ( Marketing) PGDM ID:- PGDm-167 Roll No:- 5 Subject :- Service Management Topic:- Subhiksha Case study Ques 1:- Examine the various decisions taken by Subhiksha and how they match (fit or align) with the business model of Subhiksha. Ans:- There were many firm and strategic decision that were taken by the Subhksha in order to bring their business model in the most unique way. Some of those business models are as follows:- Lowest price and great savings everyday. They mainly focused on the pricng strategy ad they targeted the lower and middle income group Guaranted Delivery . The delivery system was perfect and wwas upto date, there was a rare chance of Inventory Loss Wide selection of Goods. Subhiksha contains the goods from mainly all the sectors like Telecom, FMCG, Pharmacy etc. Simple return policy. They had this amazing policy incase customers wwere not happy with the product Provide customer Support. The Subhiksha presented themselves in the way that it is not the destination shop but daily shopping Store. Ques 2:- Identify key challenges faced by Subhiksha. how important are assortment planning and inventory management for Subhiksha Ans:- Some of the Challenges that I think Subhiksha faced during planning inventory management are as follows :- Absence of Departmentalization Risk in retailing expansion Inadequate Logistics Lack of decentralize planning Absence of MIS system Absence of performance evaluation program Importance of inventory and assortment: Subhiksha focuses intensely on its inventory management as well as assortment. Subhiksha has 3 separate godowns for stocking pharmacy products, unbranded groceries, and branded FMCGs. It has a fleet of 10 tempos, which supplies its stores once a day. As the discount format requires holding costs to be at a minimum all the stores are connected in an

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