Study Habits Essay

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Study Habits: How Does It Work? A Research Paper as a Requirement for the Subject Filipino 012 “Title of the Subject” Submitted to: Bb. Dorelyn L. Fernandez Submitted by: Latorre, Raymond Marso, 2012 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The successful results of the research are the result of undying effort in studying and hard works of the researcher and the heartfelt wisdom imparted to them by their friends and classmates. They, who is more wise and efficient, are appreciated by the researcher. More importantly, our eternal gratitude to God Almighty who shared enough skill and fortitude to overcome such studies. RLATORRE OFFERING This research is heartfelt bestowed by the researcher to their beloved parents, friends, classmates and their teachers, particularly to the subject FIL 012. RLATORRE TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGES Chapter I Introduction 1 Statement of the Problem 3 Research Hypothesis 4 Objective of the Study 5 Extent and Scope 6 Definition of Terms Used 6 Chapter II Related Studies 9 The Reviewed Study and the Present Study 12 Chapter III Design of the Research 14 The Respondents 14 Required data 15 Instrumentation and Data Gathering 15 Tools in Data Analysis 16 Chapter IV Major Problem 17 Exact Dilemma 17 Profile of the Students based on the Selected Variables 18 Presentation Results, Analysis, and Interpretation 20 of the Distributed Questionnaire Chapter V Summary of the Study 26 Conclusion 28 Recommendation 28 Bibliography 30 Chapter I THE RESEARCH PROBLEM INTRODUCTION The main objective of educational programs is to think of the proper procedures and methods to effectively provide
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