Alan Kendricks Essay

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Nicholas Viola MGT-541 Leadership & Change Week 8- Case Study Analysis- Alan Kendrick Case March 1, 2011 Brian Harr Alan Kendricks at Cardiology associates was recently promoted to Medical Director, which over a short period of time is proving to be bitter sweet. As Alan peels back the layers of the practice he is finding that even thought it is thriving, there are many things that need to be changed. On paper, the revenues and growth projections of the practice are flourishing, while many inconsistencies lay hidden due to previous management. This is very common when changes in management occur. If the previous manager ignores problems or lacks the vision for change complacency sets into him/her self and the people around them. This is exactly what has happened at Cardiology Associates and one of the hurdles that Alan will need to overcome. As Alan becomes more acquainted with his Director’s role he finds himself neck deep in various situations that are having negative effects on his ability to lead his team which consists of six full time faculty physicians, five part time cardiologists, three cardiology fellows and an interdisciplinary staff who work in various programs. Alan has an excellent reputation for his clinical work. He is well respected among his peers and is consulted regularly on difficult cases. Alan prides himself on his clinical practice, teaching and leadership capabilities. This was seen by his superior Susan Altomante, which resulted in Alan’s recent promotion. Despite Alan’s esteemed reputation for his clinical work, assuming this directors position is a huge change that Alan needs to greet with arms wide open. Though from a numbers standpoint, the practice seems to be fine, Alan needs to go against the “If it isn’t Broke, than don’t fix it” rule. As he begins to uncover the inefficiencies and problems within
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