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Stroke Questions 1) What happens to the body as a stroke occurs? A stroke is when the flow of blood to the brain stops. A stroke causes damage to the brain and brain cells in the immediate area which then begin to die because they are not getting the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive. 2) Name three different types of Stroke? Ischaemic stroke, which is caused by a blood clot that blocks a blood vessel or artery in the brain. Haemorrhagic, which is caused by a blood vessel that bursts or bleeds into the brain. Transient Iischaemic Attack "mini-stroke" which is caused by a tiny blood clot that temporarily blocks the blood flow. The affected part of the brain is without oxygen for just a few minutes and produces stroke-like…show more content…
Home help services can help a client maintain a cheerful and clean environment. Personal care services can allow a person to remain at home. Stroke sufferers may have a form of dementia, so you can keep them safe and provide meaningful activities in the comfort of their home. 7) What factors may increase someone’s risk of having a stroke? As you get older, the risk increases. Although they can occur at any age, most strokes occur in people over 65. Men over the age of 55. Women when they reach menopause. Your risk of stroke is increased if a close family member had a stroke before age 65. If you've had a previous stroke or a TIA, your risk of stroke is greater. South Asian or African-Caribbean origin are at a higher risk. Other diseases can increase the risk of a stroke such as high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and atherosclerosis. People with these conditions must adhere to their plan of care. Lifestyle factors also contribute to the risk such as obesity/overweight, diet, inactivity, smoking, stress, and excessive alcohol

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