Stone Therapy Essay

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UV30475 Apply stone therapy massage Describe salon requirements for preparing yourself, the client and work area for stone therapy treatment. You would prepare yourself by making sure your hair is neatly tied back, you have no jewellery, a clean professional uniform, have good personal hygiene and you are wearing light day make up and that you are positioned correctly to avoid repetitive strain injuries to your back. You need to position yourself correctly whether you are sitting or standing making sure your weight is evenly distributed and to ensure your positioning delivers appropriate techniques, prevents any injuries and gives optimum treatment results. You would prepare your client by asking them to remove all jewellery and piercings and all appropriate clothing is removed before starting the treatment, by making sure their privacy and modesty is protected by using a large towel or blanket to cover them, making sure the client is comfortable, relaxed and positioned correctly to get maximum benefit from the treatment. Before you carry out a treatment you need to sanitize your work area making sure all tools and stones you are to use are disinfected/sterilized, all towels are clean dry and unused, you need to make sure you have the correct lighting for each individual treatment, you have a height adjustable chair for yourself and that the couch is at the correct height also. All wires need to be trail free, any electrical equipment is annually PAT tested and that they are working correctly before you start the treatment, that they are not placed near any water and there are no obstructions around the work area and you need to follow COSSH regulations when using flammable liquids. Describe the different consultation techniques used to identify treatment objectives required for stone therapy treatment. Different consultation techniques would include

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