Stone Angel Essay

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The Stone Angel Eng 4U Literary Devices and Imagery: Group 1 Examine the dominant imagery and symbols in the novel, paying attention to how characters, events, and settings carry multiple levels of meaning. Look specifically at references to: • Biblical allusions • The prairie as a sort of desert • The use of time, flashback – there are two stories, essentially. What triggers the flashbacks? • The angel Questions For Consideration: • What does Hagar suggest about the dancers by her simile "tumbleweed in a Viennese waltz"?(pp45-47) • What do you think the Stone Angel of the title refers to? This image or idea is carried throughout the novel. What does it represent in its various other appearances? • How are the false values of Jason Currie suggested by the angel's description? • What do the references to ancient Egypt add to the novel? (p.3,p.43,p.96,p.111) what sense might the young Hagar be seen as embalmed alive? • Read the biblical story of Hagar. What does knowing this story add to your understanding of the novel? Find similarities and differences between the two Hagars. • Look up Jacob's trickery of his father Isaac (genesis 27). How was Hagar, like Isaac, also mistaken in her sons? • What is the general effect of the switches back and forth from the past to present? • "My bed is cold as winter"(p.81) How does this paragraph serve as a connecting device for the whole novel? The Stone Angel Eng 4U Themes: Group 2 Explore the various themes in the Stone Angel by focusing specifically on the following issues: • discovery • old age • being old • nursing homes/facing death • being stone & being free • touching • intolerance •
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