Steel Corp Essay

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1. The increase on sales is explained by the increase in units, Price or both? The increase in the sales number is explained in great measure by the increase in raw material prices, especially in the nickel. This is related to the Real Estate bubble. Steel prices and by derivation Nickel Prices went up in such a big measure due to the big demand coming from Construction works and car producers. Also the increase in demand from emerging markets mostly from China. The Chinese are the biggest consumers of steel in the world. 2. Peers? Biggest Stainless Steel producers in order: ArcelorMittal | The Netherlands | Acerinox | Spain | ThyssenKrupp Stainless | Germany | TISCO | China | POSCO | South Korea | Outokumpu | Finland | AK Steel | USA | NSSC | Japan | YUSCO | Taiwan | INI Steel | South Korea | Allegheny | USA | 3. Is the positive trend of sales fully matched at the EBITDA level? When looking at the EBITDA level we can see it grew in 168% from 05 to 06 and then diminished in 07 by -34%. Sales grew 33% in 06 and 22% in 07. There is a gap in the growth coming from sales where income is lost due to the increase in raw material prices and forecasted demand which led to an inventory cut. 4. Which is the EBITDA margin? | 05 | 06 | 07 | EBITDA Margin | 8.6% | 15.6% | 9.7% | 5. What method to valuate inventories (FIFO, average weighting cost, LIFO…) has been used? The increase in purchases is of 44% and 22% in 06 and 07 respectively. As to the sales the increase was of 34% and 18%. We can conclude that they use FIFO because the inventory amount increases through 06 in 65% and then decreases in 07 by -13%. The rise in prices in 2006 is the reason why the inventory is more expensive because the increase in purchases was not as big as the increase in inventory price. If they used LIFO the inventory in 2006 would not have
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