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Memorandum To: CEO of Company G From: Mila Meyer Date: 8/2/2014 Re: Company G Ratio & Trend Analysis I’ve completed a horizontal analysis Income Statement for Company G utilizing financial data from income statements in 2011 and 2012. I’ve included my analysis of each ratio and trend below. 1. I utilized a “Current Ratio” which measures the ability to pay current liabilities with current assets. In 2011 the current ratio was 1.86. By 2012, it decreased to 1.77 rating in the lower second quartile group in the industry. That said, Company G’s ability to repay its debt is consistent with showing a weakness from year to year based on the industry’s quartiles of 3.1 with a strong ability to cover liabilities 2.1 at the median to 1.4 stating a weakness. As such, this is an area of concern. 2. I utilized an “Acid Test Ratio” which shows us whether the entity could pay all its current liabilities if they became due now or sooner than expected. In 2011, the acid test ratio was 0.64. By 2012, it decreased to 0.43. Even though the acid-test ratio is less than 1 which rates in the lower third quartile in the industry of 1.6, 0.9 to 0.6, it indicates a concern with repaying current liabilities. This could be due to quick expansion of inventory with the intention of increasing sales. While this is currently considered a weakness and is concerning, a rise in the ratio should be seen by 2013 due to the increase of suggested sales. 3. I calculated an “inventory turnover ratio” which measures the number of times a company sells its inventory during a year. A high rate of turnover indicates easiness in selling inventory; a low rate indicates difficulty. In 2011, the inventory turnover was 6.1. By 2012 the ratio decreased to 5.2. The decrease may be due to a slow ability to turn around merchandise in sales and potentially due to paying a higher cost for goods.

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