Standard Grade Critical Activity Shoe Design Essay

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STANDARD GRADE DESIGN UNIT CRITICAL ESSAY A Comparison of Two Shoe Designers Working in Different Styles or Periods [pic] The Critical Activity which you will produce for this part of the Standard Grade Course is of particular importance. Not only is the work worth one third of your grade, but your written assignments will be submitted to the SQA for marking. You should remember then that someone else apart from your Art and Design teacher will be reading your essay. You must explain quite clearly what you are writing about. It is also in your own interest to write neatly and legibly or type out your essays. Your work for this assignment will be presented as an ESSAY. Your two shoes should be quite different in style so that it is easier for you to write a comparison . For example you could choose a man’s Timberland boot and a high end fashion stiletto by Jimmy Choo. The purpose of this essay is to show the influences and cultural trends which have influenced the two different shoe designers. You will have to show examples of the shoe designer’s work to help illustrate your essay more fully. There will be eight main sections to this essay : 1. Introduction to the essay 2. Short history of shoe design 3. Information on the first designer 4. Analysis of one of the designer’s shoes 5. Information on second shoe designer 6. Analysis of the second designer’s shoe 7. Compare and contrast the two shoes 8. Bibliography All the main shoe designers have web sites and also look up google images to get some ideas. All the images for this unit have been found on google images ! You should find this essay to be fun to do and also very interesting . [pic] THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO • Gather information from the internet, teacher’s notes , library , magazines books etc

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