Trainer Evaluation Paper

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Trainer Evaluation The task that I was set in this part of my media coursework was to create a marketable trainer, also a magazine advertisement plus a billboard to market my creations to the target audience. To start the shoe project we did some research on existing footwear ads. For example, we looked at the latest “Nike air” advertisements in great detail. We mainly studied the magazine advertisements, looking at the font, and how it is positioned to attract and appeal the audience. To make the decision on what type of trainer we designed, we made a questionnaire for other pupils in our class to fill out to get a better idea on what people liked and didn’t like. This made it easier to make the assumption on the target audience for my shoes. In preparation to the task, we made a collage of all different types of shoes to compare what different types looked like the aim of this was to get a better understanding of different shoe models.…show more content…
Secondly, the “Sonic” which is named the sonic because it has been designed too immensely increase the aerodynamic properties, thus making you run faster like the cartoon character ‘”Sonic the hedgehog” which the shoe is based on. Also it features the cartoon and video game character “Sonic the hedgehog” on the shoe itself. Lastly the “Joe Ware signature” shoe, this shoe has been designed for comfort and is substantially more comfortable than the other designs. All of the shoes feature the name of the shoe in vibrant political fonts. I have aimed my shoes towards the skateboarding community because being a skateboarder myself I felt I could have a somewhat professional opinion on the designs of my shoes. The target audience for my shoes is 12 – 22 I choose this because in my opinion most dedicated skateboarders are around that
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